Means & Methods Cost Analysis

Means & Methods Cost Analysis

AIA Document B101-2007 (Standard Form of Agreement Between Architect and Owner, section specifically states the following:

the designer is barred from explicitly specifying the means and methods by which their projects are to be built. Regardless of the design methodology, the discretion is left to the builder to choose their preferred methods of construction so long as the final outcome reasonably matches the design documents.”

It is this “discretion” in which General Contractors, and specifically TBC, can be the most useful to the Owner.

With highly competent and varied experience, TBC Commercial retains the most competent of Estimating and Project Management staff to recommend to the owner the means and methods most advantageous to the project.

Means may be defined as how (procedures) any certain task should be accomplished within a project design and Methods can be defined as the “when and what” requirements of the materials, man power and equipment and scheduling in the completion of the project.

When the Owner or Design Staff rely upon TBC’s experience and expertise for the how, when and what of a project, we can provide the information, data and advice necessary for the most expedient construction progression and provide necessary recommendations on materials, individual or crew labor, the equipment which may be necessary and the most efficient scheduling of all to insure the project is completed on time and with in budget.