By definition "renovation" can be described as "to restore to an earlier condition" or "to impart new vigor or viability". The terms used to define the scope of "renovations" are: rehabilitation, or restoring the building to the same condition it was in when first built; remodeling, which involves any changes to the size and shape of any space within the building; and, modernization, where the structure receives substantive work to bring it up-to-date and up to current codes.

Deciding whether to renovate an existing facility or build a new facility from the ground up is not for the timid. Fortunately, there are a couple of key elements in the process that can assist our clients in clarifying the key decision points on why TBC should be their renovation contractors.

1. The economy of reuse of existing structure or systems: Lets face it, it costs less to renovate and reuse an existing building, with its structure intact and with already-installed utilities or services.

A major focus of our efforts at TBC is directed toward the renovation of existing properties for our clients in order to extend or improve their architectural and economic value or to extend and improve their productivity.

2. Renovation allows for the realignment and adjustment of existing departments or facilities without total disruption to the main source of business or other dependent departments.

For over ten years TBC has been assisting clients in the renovation of existing facilities and/or their exteriors while working within a "business as usual" requirement with as little disruption as possible to other income producing elements of the business.

If cost, location, and modernization are the major factors in your decisions to renovate existing facilities, "Reliance" on TBC Commercial to deliver the construction changes you require on time and in budget can be assured. Additionally, the structural, architectural or systems improvements that may be required can be accomplished on a "fast track" or restricted schedule allowing the completed renovations to resume their function more expediently saving our clients both time and money.