New Tenants

New Tenants

Most General Contractors utilize many subcontractors and for most of the tasks required during the course of a new building project completion.  TBC Commercial stands out from other qualified General Contractors in two main ways.

More of the tasks that are required for our client’s projects are done “in house” or “hands on” and are usually “fast tracked” to shorten the durations of the project for the client.  Shortened durations or less days of actual construction mean the facility or building is open and delivered for business “sooner than expected” thereby allowing the client to commence operations earlier, whether for profit in the business sector or for administration for the public.

To provide our clients the lowest possible expense without subcontractor conflict or “add on cost” and to “fast track” the construction process, TBC Commercial employs its own forces to complete much of the work of a new construction project.

Our “in house” expertise includes:

All Phases of Construction Demolition
All Phases of Concrete Construction Including Finish and Seal
Metal/Wood Stud & Gypsum Wall Framing
Acoustic Ceiling Installation
All Walls Finishing and Painting
Hard and Resilient Flooring Installation
All Rough and Miscellaneous Carpentry
Installation of Equipment, Fixtures and Furniture

In doing so, TBC Commercial can offer their clients a shorter duration project for less cost, and combined with “fast tracked” means more control to get the new building or facility completed on time, in budget and with better quality than most comparable General Contractors.

If you are currently seeking a Quality General Contractor, or needing a competent “back up” resource for your Commercial Construction needs, TBC Commercial would like to propose and/or bid on your next New Construction Project.