Competitive Bid


The most familiar construction contracting method is the standard competitive bid procedure. A complete set of Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical plans with specifications is submitted to competing general contractors by owners or architects. The competing contractor bids a specific amount to complete the project as specified. Typically but not exclusively, the lowest bidding contractor is awarded the contract for the project.

Benefits: The owner is provided some assurance that the project will be completed for the lowest possible sum.

TBC Commercial has been successful in bidding and completing on time and contract amount a wide variety of construction projects without substituting workmanship or quality of materials. Commercial construction projects awarded to TBC Commercial include but are not limited to retail, office, warehouse, maintenance, municipal, materials distribution and religious facilities construction. Major Clients include HEB Stores, Joe V’s Smart Shops and Central Markets throughout the State of Texas.

TBC Commercial also prides itself on their ability to “fast trak” a time/cost/return sensitive project for the owner.