Our Experience

Trust: belief in the reliability, character, ability, or strength of someone; a person or thing in which confidence is placed

Confidence and trust in the construction industry are the most important factor between a General Contractor and a client. With competition in the marketplace heating up, TBC has made a reputation for being the “go to” Contractor for getting the job done right.

“Reliance is the trusting of one entity upon the competency, integrity and dependability of another entity to supply or fill a need, a requirement or a goal.”


Before a Company or Individual contracts with a TBC Commercial LLC or any other G.C. for that matter, they should ask three questions?

1. Why is this G.C. Competent to supply my need or fulfill my requirements?

2. What proof can this G.C. exhibit which testifies of their Integrity?

3. How can I Depend on this G.C. to complete my Goal?

4. The TBC Website is provided to answer these questions for all of their prospective Clients.

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